My Cessna

Where It All Began

My fascination (some might say it has grown into a full blown obsession) with aviation started when I was in the military. Another family member had just received their Private Pilots certificate and at the same time I discovered that the base I was stationed at, Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS, had an "Aero Club" which gave me access to very affordable ground school and flight instruction.  To make a long story short I was reassigned to another base a few weeks before I was ready to solo and the military, my budget, and life in general took me in other directions.

While that phase of my aviation interests was put on the sidelines my fascination with flight never ended.  In the future, when paying for the kids college tuition isn't at the forefront of the budget, I hope to return to the left seat and get my Pilots License.

Since those days though, flight Simulation has been my primary outlet.  I've owned nearly every version of Microsoft's Flight Sim' since Sub Logic version 2 on my Commodore 64 to the present day FSX on my Core i5 machine.  And will be moving all that over to a new PC and Sim' Pit over the next year or so.

What started out as a Simple program and a joystick for controls has grown into a full desktop instrument panel with yoke, rudder pedals, throttle quadrant, radios, auto pilot, comm selector panel, flap and engine cowl controls, dual monitors, and more.

Complete with a wife and kids always asking if they'll ever get the PC back from me again.

Early in 2011 I was trying to figure out how to deal with their request to regain control of the family PC.  I was half joking and half serious when I said to my wife "One of these days I'm going to find one of those salvage yard fuselages that I can make a real Sim' with."  And, just for kicks I did a search on eBay and there it was!   The picture in the banner above on this page shows the original aircraft some time after the accident that took it out of service.  What I picked up on eBay was actually the middle 15 feet of the main fuselage (as seen on the hardware page), doors, and a few of the controls.  Since then I've been an eBay obsessed parts hunter...

In the pages that follow I will try to show you where I've been with this project and where I'm going.  I'll try to share some resources and my ideas and plans, some of which is my own original thinking and much more that comes from a great community of fellow Sim' pit builders.

I hope you enjoy the project and this site and take a moment to sign my guest book.

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